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Vistascan Mini Scanner

The Vistascan Mini scanner allows us to easily and quickly take detailed scans of your teeth and mouth. The high resolution images produced promote a faster and more reliable diagnosis, and are available to view immediately. The advanced software means we can review and retake the image if necessary while you are still in the dental chair.

The Vistascan is much more comfortable for the patient, removing the need for messy and distasteful impressions. The digital image plates used are thin, flexible and help us achieve outstanding results.

Digital X-rays

We use state-of-the-art digital x-rays in our practice. The superior clarity and quality means even tiny imperfections in the teeth can be identified and treated, which may otherwise have been missed. With digital, the results are available to view immediately, and can be adjusted or the x-ray taken again if necessary without the need for another appointment.

We use digital OPG x-rays to view a single image of the upper and lower jaw and a detailed depiction of the teeth from the roots to the crowns. This helps us get a full overview, making planning more precise and promoting accurate treatment with the best possible results.

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