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Why is family dentistry important?

We know how important it is to start caring for little teeth from a young age. So, as well as looking after your child’s teeth at home, we encourage you to bring youngsters to see us as soon as their tiny teeth first start to appear. This will mean they get to know us and make them feel more comfortable about attending regular appointments, as well as helping to develop positive dental habits to last a lifetime.

You can also boost your child’s dental health by introducing them to our hygienist, Marianne. She will treat young teeth to a deep clean and offer plenty of helpful tooth care advice, including brushing techniques and diet tips.

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What happens during a family appointment?

We’re pleased to see you and your children for your routine check up at the same time, for your convenience. We will see each of you in turn in the dental chair; it is so beneficial for your children to see you confidently and happily undergoing your dental care.

For very young children, our check up will be very brief, simply getting them used to the practice environment and taking a quick look inside their mouth. As children get older, we carry out a more thorough examination, making sure their teeth are developing correctly and their teeth and gums are remaining healthy. If there is any further treatment needed, this is discussed with you and a treatment plan formulated.

We are delighted to be able to treat the whole family with tailored, friendly and honest care.

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